Certified Massage Therapist

Member of the International Massage Association

Specializing in Swedish, Acupressure, NeuroMuscular Therapy, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, Myo-manipulation and Touch for Health

With today's growing stress to people of all ages, isn't it nice to know you can escape from it all? Isn't it nice to know you can relax? Massage can help you with your muscle aches, just ask Mike. It can help with insomnia, and massage even boost your immune system. Massage is great for Repetitive Stress Injuries, and just about everything else you can imagine. The Miami Touch Institute is conducting many studies on how massage can help everything from insomnia to how massage effects animals. Take time for yourself and relax with a Massage by a Certified Massage Therapist. Or, find a Massage Therapist in your town or state.

Rates & Services

30 minute massage $30
1 hour massage $40
1 1/2 hour massage $60
1 hour aroma therapy massage $45
The Pamper Package
(1 hour massage, facial masque and aroma therapy)

Ask about the 15 minute chair massage and corporate massage for offices. Certificates Available.

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