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IMCA Modifieds - 4/3/04
Oildale, CA -- Running the top side of the 1/3 mile clay oval after lining up 8th, Bakersfield's own Mike Scott grabbed the lead from Jason Selvidge on lap 21 and drove to his first ever feature win in the 30 lap IMCA Modified main event Saturday night at Bakersfield Speedway Park. Scott, who also serves as the track webmaster, moved into a new Panther Chassis in 2004 and is sponsored by Rusty's Pizza and Performance Quality Automotive. The victory climbed him into third in track points, just five behind point leader Sidney Payne and three behind former champion Rick Childress.
The IMCA Modifieds had a 19 car turnout and used a three heat format. During the week after the previous race, IMCA explained that the track has misread the rules and Brady Bell was restored to the March 21st win ahead of California State point leader Bill Saltzman. Robert Sanders won heat 1 from the pole ahead of defending track champion Larry Hood. L Hood exploded a transmission in hot laps and went home to get another car for the night's racing. Selvidge put his D&M Performance Chassis in the winner's circle for heat 2 ahead of Steve Morrison. Tom Gregory won heat 3 from the pole and point leader Payne came from last to finish second. L Hood claimed dash honors from an outside front row start with Gregory second. The 30 lap feature had to be restarted after a first lap red flag incident that damaged several cars. Starting outside front row in the 30 lap feature, Selvidge raced into the lead ahead of Mike Hood and 8th starter Scott. Payne grabbed fifth behind Chett Reeves on lap 2 and Marvin Leist spun for a lap 4 yellow flag.
Bell stalled during this yellow flag and Scott raced by M Hood for second on lap 5. Both Payne and R Childress got by Reeves on lap 8. M Hood briefly retook second from Scott on lap 12, but Scott regained the spot on the next round. R Childress got by Payne for 4th on lap 15 and Reeves spun on lap 17. Scott's high line pulled him alongside Selvidge on lap 20 and he took the lead from the Buttonwillow farmer on lap 21. Having been damaged in an early race incident, L Hood stormed back to take fourth from R Childress on lap 20. R Childress stalled for a lap 21 caution and Payne was a late race dropout. Only 7 cars were running at the checkered flag and Scott grabbed the emotional win ahead of Selvidge, M Hood, L Hood, Morrison and R Childress.
Heat 1-Robert Sanders, L Hood, Mike Hood, Mike Scott, Jeff Miller. Heat 2-Jason Selvidge, Morrison, Rick Childress, Jim Deines, Chris Mendenhall. Heat 3-Gregory, Sidney Payne, Brady Bell, Lee Jensen, Marvin Leist. Main-Scott, Selvidge, M Hood, L Hood, Morrison, Childress, Chett Reeves, Gregory, Payne, Nick Sylvester, Jim Deines, Bell, Leist, Buck Cox, Jensen, Miller, Lonnie Welch, Lin Deines, Sanders.
By: Gary Jacob and Don Low, InsideGroove

Scott holds on to win IMCA main at Speedway
4/3/04 - Mike Scott figured winning a race at Bakersfield Speedway wasn't going to be easy, but Saturday night at the 1/3-mile dirt oval, the Bakersfield resident found out just how difficult it could be.
With Jason Selvidge on his bumper, Scott bumped the wall in turn one on the final lap and then swung too high in the final turn, but narrowly held on for his first victory in the 30-lap IMCA main event.
Selvidge from Buttonwillow, with a for sale sign in his rear window, looked to be a good investment early, leading the opening 20 laps. But Selvidge lost control of his car temporarily coming out of turn two on the following lap, and Scott narrowed the gap.
Scott took to the inside and moved along side Selvidge, eventually overtaking him on the back straightaway with nine laps to go.
The race, run on a dry slick track, was marred by seven caution flags, including a red flag thrown on the opening turn when six cars were involved in a pile up.
By RON STAPP, Special to The Californian

IMCA Modifieds! Man, what can I say about this fast growing division except it is full of some very talented drivers. June 29, 2002 provided a great race though only 19 cars were on hand. It all started with Mike Scott on the outside front row. He took the green and out raced Jim Deines into turn one for the lead. It was a different night for Scott in that he was not racing with a monkey on his back. In his Kern County Recycling, JT Race Cars chassis and with a true claimer motor he finished the night without a flat tire, broken trans, popped or wounded motor, or numerous broken suspension parts too numerous to note here. Mike Scott lead the main for the first 3 laps with his car nicely tucked under him, good straightaway speed, good turn speeds and a clean aggressive style that would envy most. Mike Moshier - The Race Doctor

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