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Update - July 16, 2007

Well it looks like I will make it back on the track soon. YEAH! Due to a combination of the motor going sour, and me not happy with the past outcome we have been absent for a few races. Mike and Joe got the motor torn down, and found a couple of spun bearings but the kicker was, that the #2 main bearing cap was broken in half. Well we thought that we may be in trouble. But Mikey saved the day! Mike and Joe both tore into the old motor that was in the car when we got it, and the main bearing cap fit perfectly. Talk about being saved by the bell! So the crank is off being turned and hopefully it will be done soon. I can not thank both Mike and Joe enough for spending the whole day working on the car. Dinner and swimming were nice afterwards. I don’t expect us to make the July 21st race, but look for the car on Aug 3rd. Oh and we have a new jr. crew member, Richard Allen Fussy aka Racin Ricky was born May 20th. We hope to see Ricky and his big brother Edward Ronald Fussy aka Fast Eddie soon in the stands cheering grandma and grandpa on. See ya at the races.

Race 1 - March 3, 2007

Opening Day, First Race. Well everyone kept asking me if I was nervous, and I really wasn’t until we were heading to the track, then some minor butterflies started to appear. We went across the scales about 130 lbs light, so Mike and Bryson headed to one of my heroes homes to collect some additional weight to be added to the car, heck Chris even got out his boat anchor…. I barely made it out for hot laps, the car ran great for our $100 motor thanks to Barney Montoya. I drew a high number so ended up starting in the back of the 2nd heat. Both the 48 and I split the 2 car coming out of 4, on the first lap, and I then made a pass on the outside of the 48 in turn four to move up another position. Well then the rookie in me came out and I turned left and hit the 48 then ping ponged to the wall then back to the 48. Well the car wouldn’t turn to the right and I had to pull into the infield, you should have seen ol Jimmy running thinking he was going to get ran over by little ol me. I ended up with a 5th place finish. Sorry CSI guy, glad to hear I didn’t damage your truck to badly. Mikey and I are heading to the junk yard for new parts and get her ready for the next race March 17th. I have to thank Bryson, Joe and my fantastic husband for all their hard work both before the race and during, also the girls Becky and Jenni. Many thanks go to my sponsors, Performance Quality Automotive, Rusty’s Pizza, PSI Equipment and T & L Battery and last but not least Mom and Dad.

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